Design Team

From the design of repair and valeting bays to office space and customer reception areas.

In-house Computer Aided Design Team

Our in-house computer-aided-design team will exhaust all options of design, working with our clients to understand completely the needs of the business to allow us to design you the optimum working use of space to permit best practice and repair processes.

Firstly, ABSL. undertake a comprehensive on site survey and accurately measure the complete building to ensure we produce best options of design for you to consider, ensuring all specified equipment is accurately plotted on the drawings, not just typical CAD blocks.

How We Work

Detailed working drawings will be distributed and presented to all interested parties, and we will also liaise with landlords, property agents, solicitors and support any request or design change

On completion and agreement of the drawings we will re-visit the site and mark out floor for main equipment.  

Specific drawings will be produced for each contractor and any tendered to outsourced providers to ensure best value continuously procured.

How We Work
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